Ferrari Motorcycle Concept Inspired by Tron

Ferrari Motorcycle Concept Inspired by Tron


Years ago, Porsche extended its portfolio into the realm of SUVs, so why can’t Ferrari go in the other direction by creating a high-powered motorcycle? Industrial designer Amir Glinik took it upon himself to create the Ferrari V4 superbike. As you can tell from these images, Amir is probably a fan of Tron.

The Ferrari V4 motorcycle certainly borrows several design elements from the Tron movie, but it tosses in a lot of red for a distinct Ferrari flair. It’s got the power to back up that impressive stance as well, because it boasts a modified version of the Enzo engine. Other features include hand controls from an F-16 fighter jet and buttons from a F1 race car.

It’s just a concept at this point, and an unofficial one at that, but I’m sure there would be a market for a Ferrari superbike. How much will it cost? More than you can afford, pal.