T-Mobile G1 (HTC Dream) Features Integrated Push Gmail

T-Mobile G1 (HTC Dream) Features Integrated Push Gmail


When the Google Chrome web browser launched a short while ago, people found it strange that Google didn’t integrate more of its services into it. Clicking on email link directs you to your default email client rather than to Gmail, for example. Well, it seems that Google isn’t exactly taking the same approach with Android. There’s much more integration here.

As curious as this may sound, the integrated push Gmail application found within the T-Mobile G1, which you may know better as the Android-powered HTC Dream G1, is actually separate from the other email client. The push Gmail app is more powerful too, sending all other email services to a lesser and simpler app. Furthermore, there is no support for Outlook or Exchange at this point. You can only sync your contacts and appointments via Google’s services. In this way, you need a Google account.

Another integrated feature is Google Maps, which makes heavy use of the built-in GPS. You can use it to control a Street View compass simply be turning your phone. Accelerometers have become so commonplace, eh?