Samsung Digital Cameras Adding Wireless USB to the Mix

Samsung Digital Cameras Adding Wireless USB to the Mix


I’m usually the kind of person who takes the memory card out of the digital camera to transfer pictures, but I know a lot of people prefer the convenience of plugging their cameras directly into their computers. Both of these require more work than what they’re worth.

While wireless USB is not exactly new technology anymore, very few people actually make use of it. Thanks to Samsung, the proliferation of wireless USB may become a little more mainstream and widespread. That’s because Samsung is getting ready to bundle a wireless USB solution from Alereon with their digital cameras.

Basically, you get two components. One part plugs into the USB port on your computer and the other part plugs into your Samsung camera. The connection is wireless and the camera shows up as if it were physically connected to your computer. I don’t see why this dongle solution wouldn’t work with other USB devices as well, but that’s a nice bonus if you’re looking for a Sammy cam.