Pretec 100GB CompactFlash Card is Small Size, Big Impact

Pretec 100GB CompactFlash Card is Small Size, Big Impact


When I was over in Taiwan for Computex earlier this year, I found all the Chingrish to be pretty amusing. Pretec isn’t a household name around these parts, but they’ve got to have one of the best slogans in the computer industry: small size, big impact. And that slogan can be applied directly to the company’s latest creation.

DSLR users typically pack around quite a few memory cards, because all those RAW images take up a lot of space. Pretec is making the situation quite a bit easier with the introduction of a 100GB CompactFlash card. Yes, you read that correctly. One hundred freaking gigabytes. They’ve also got a new 64GB CF card as well.

Prior to this announcement, the largest commercially available CF card was 48GB, so the 100-gigger represents a two-fold increase in capacity. Expect access speeds of up to 35mbps. You can also convert these cards into 2.5-inch SATA drives as well. Expect pricing to start in the 400 GBP range.