A Live-ish Look at the Google Android Market

A Live-ish Look at the Google Android Market


With the App Store for the iPhone, Apple has to approve the application before it becomes live to the public. With the Google Android Market, however, it’s an absolute free-for-all, simultaneously providing both its greatest strength and greatest weakness.

As expected, Google showed off the Android Market alongside the new T-Mobile G1 today and we got to get a better look at how it would work. First, there is no desktop component, so everything is done over the air. Second, there is a rating system that works in much the same way as YouTube. This way, you’ll know what’s good and what’s not. Third, because it’s an open distribution channel, you can expect a huge library of useless (and potentially harmful) apps. Be sure to read the comments and ratings before downloading. It does mean that tethering apps and other “Apple no-no” apps are fair game.

Oh, and for the time being, everything in the Android Market is free. They haven’t figured out how to handle monetary transactions yet, so we’ll just have to sit tight on that front.