Telus Introduces Ways to Keep in HTC Touch Pro

Telus Introduces Ways to Keep in HTC Touch Pro


By the looks of things, Telus and HTC are getting to be pretty good friends, because there are no fewer that three hot HTC Touch phones being made available through the Canadian CDMA provider. We’ve already seen the original HTC Touch on Telus and the Touch Diamond launched recently as well, but this is the first time that we’ve seen the HTC Touch Pro with Telus branding.

That’s right. If you happen to grab the latest flyer from Best Buy, you’ll notice that there is an ad spot reserved for Telus, offering you “3 new ways to keep in touch.” In addition to the aforementioned HTC Touch Diamond in the centre, you’ll also notice the HTC Touch Dual on the right and the HTC Touch Pro on the left. Telus has not yet confirmed this release.

Unfortunately, the ad makes no mention of an exact release date or anything regarding pricing, so current (and potential) Telus subscribers will just have to sit tight for now.