Prepare Yourself for 9 Megapixel Camera Phones

Prepare Yourself for 9 Megapixel Camera Phones


When the first camera phones hit the market, we were impressed simply by the ability for a mobile phone to take pictures. These days, we want a little better performance than that and this latest module really pushes the envelope.

Digital Imaging Systems has just launched its 9 megapixel camera module today, promising the ability to capture images at up to 3488 x 2616 pixels in size, as well as VGA videos at 30fps. Power consumption is under 175mW and the autofocus takes less than 300ms. The DIS6931 module offers the highest megapixel count to date.

I know as well as anyone that megapixel counts aren’t everything, but they seem to serve as excellent selling points. I just hope that camera phone manufacturers take note as well, not only increasing megapixel counts, but also the optics and resulting image quality.