Nokia E72 Smartphone is Really the Nokia E63

Nokia E72 Smartphone is Really the Nokia E63


At least they got the series right. A short while ago, we caught spy shots of the upcoming Nokia E75 and E72 smartphones, but it turns out that the latter is not the E72 at all. Some super secret ninjas have unearthed some XML files that point toward a different name altogether.

Instead of being called the Nokia E72, the QWERTY-packing candybar is going to become the Nokia E63-1, E63-2, and the E63-3. Key features that you’ll find on this phone, which is almost like the E71 in a thicker package, include a QVGA display, S60 Feature Pack 1, UMTS, Wi-Fi, and three variants for three flavors of 3G.

So there you have it. The phone previously known as the E72 is really the E63. Still no confirmation for a launch date or pricing.