Upcoming MacBook to Get Graphics from NVIDIA


    Steve Jobs and Apple are staying pretty mum on the matter, as usual, but we just caught word that the new Apple MacBooks will not get their graphics from Intel anymore, opting instead for a chipset from NVIDIA. Most people would probably agree that getting NVIDIA graphics is a significant improvement over Intel integrated graphics, yes?

    Set to be unveiled in the next few weeks, the new MacBooks will feature the new MCP7A-U graphics chipset from NVIDIA. This is a top class chipset and could easily fall in line with the GeForce 9xxx series. It will be the first mainstream uATX motherboard with DDR3-1333 support. They say that this is the fastest mGPU.

    No, it’s not quite the same as having a dedicated graphics card, but this embedded system sounds like it could be impressive with full HDMI support and low power consumption.