Video: Going Hands-On with the HTC Touch HD

Video: Going Hands-On with the HTC Touch HD


If a picture is worth a thousand words and a video is about 30 frames a second, then a 12-minute video about the HTC Touch HD has got to be worth about 21 million words. Go ahead and do the math. Back? Good. because we’ve maanged to find an awesome hands-on video with the new HTC Touch HD. As luck would have it, the video is about 12 minutes long.

The good news is that the video embedded below gives you a great look at the hot new Windows Mobile smartphone, offering you all sorts of angles and first hand impressions. The bad news is that the video is not in English, so you’ll have to turn to your francophone friend for a little help with the French.

The TouchFLO user interface looks buttery smooth and that WVGA touchscreen display is simply amazing. Enough with the words. Let’s peep the video.