Steampunk Goes Crazy with Bluetooth Too

Steampunk Goes Crazy with Bluetooth Too


It’s a name that most geeks recognize by now, because Steampuk has taken its retro mechanicals to all sorts of modern hardware. At long last, a Steampunk Bluetooth headset has arrived. Sure, we’ve been able to enjoy a Steampunk-inspired notebook and other awesome creations, but how about wearing some exposed gears on the side of your head?

Sure, it may not be quite as dramatic as being transformed into a cybernetic organism, but you’re getting a little closer to becoming that robot spider thing from Will Smith’s Wild Wild West. Yeah, that movie never really made much sense, did it…

In any case, the Steampunk Bluetooth headset works just like any other Bluetooth device, except it seems to have been made from spare 19th century watch parts. It may not be comfortable and it may not have echo cancellation, but this headset looks totally cool in a retro kind of way.