Buy a MacBook, Get a Free 4th-Gen iPod nano

Buy a MacBook, Get a Free 4th-Gen iPod nano


Now that all those college students are going back to school, they’ll probably want a new laptop in the form of an Apple MacBook. At the same time, they’ll want a little entertainment and it seems the latter half is free. The good news is that if you, as a student, go out and purchase invest in a MacBook, Apple will supply you with a free iPod. And it’s not just any old iPod either, because they’ll give you a brand new fourth-gen iPod nano.

That’s right. The new iPod nano that was just unveiled last week is already being given away for free. I’d say that this is pretty generous of Apple, but the annual “Back to School” promotion comes with a pretty serious caveat. The iPod is free, yes, but only for students in the United Kingdom. The American back to school thing is done, but the British one is just starting.

That’s what we get for starting school a week before Let’s Rock. The Britons know how to wait it out.