Bushnell BackTrack Sure Beats Bread Crumbs

Bushnell BackTrack Sure Beats Bread Crumbs


If you’ve ever been to West Edmonton Mall or the Mall of America, you’ll know that it’s pretty easy to forget where you parked your car. Rather than leaving a trail of bread crumbs, it may be a better idea to use this clever contraption. Dubbed the Bushnell BackTrack, it is essentially a dumbed down version of a GPS navigation device and it is designed to lead you back to your designated place of origin.

Bushnell is already a company known for its outdoor GPS devices, so the simplified BackTrack is just an extension of that heritage. What you do is arrive at your chosen spot, save your location in the BackTrack, and then when you’re ready to come back again, you can flip on the BackTrack and it’ll lead you back to your spot. And yes, just like the rest of the Bushnell line, the BackTrack is weather-resistant too.

Choose from four colour variations and pick up the Bushnell BackTrack for about seventy bucks.