Android Demonstrated at Google Developer Day (Video)

Android Demonstrated at Google Developer Day (Video)


No hard date has officially been announced as to when we should expect to buy the first Google Android smartphone, but Google has demonstrated the new operating system at the Developer Day event. The video embedded below walks you through this demonstration, giving you the first real and official look at the upcoming smartphone platform.

As expected, the live handset being used for the demo came with some obligatory camouflage to cover up unconfirmed bits like the relationship with T-Mobile and HTC. The HTC Dream G1, destined for T-Mo, has not yet been officially announced so Google couldn’t go and bandy that thing around for all to see.

The Google Developer Day is being held in London today. If you happen to be over on that side of the pond, see if you can sneak in and get a better look at the Android smartphone.