Use AT&T Pay As You Go with Apple iPhone 3G

Use AT&T Pay As You Go with Apple iPhone 3G


I’ve got a little secret to share with you guys. The process may take a little bit of work, but following this procedure, you’ll be able to use the Apple iPhone 3G with AT&T’s Pay As You Go service rather than the usual postpaid monthly plan. Are you ready for it?

Alright, what you’ll need to do is take your iPhone 3G and remove the regular postpaid SIM card. After doing so, you insert the Pay As You Go SIM card and turn your iPhone back on, giving it the time to reboot and restart. And you’re done. Yes, it really is that simple… you were expecting more?

As it turns out, the new iPhone 3G can work just fine with AT&T Pay As You Go cards. Unfortunately, you can’t buy the iPhone without a contract unless you turn to the gray market. You can even add an unlimited 5GB data plan to a SIM by calling 611, choosing Buy Features, Media Net, Unlimited, and Buy It.