Apple iPhone Finally Gets MMS, Thanks to JuiceCaster

Apple iPhone Finally Gets MMS, Thanks to JuiceCaster


As amazing and popular as the iPhone 3G may be, it’s seriously lacking in one very critical department and that’s in multimedia messaging. Where’s the MMS, Apple? Well, it seems that we can now turn to a third party for that area of functionality. JuiceCaster has tossed the Flutter application into the Apple App Store to satiate your desire for MMS on the iPhone.

The caveat is that Flutter will not allow you to send audio or video clips just yet, but you are able to use it to send picture messages to your mobile phone friends, regardless of whether they own an iPhone or not. You can also geotag the photo to provide even further information to your buddies, but unfortunately, they are not able to return the favor as Flutter cannot accept MMS messages.

In this way, you don’t get anywhere close to full MMS functionality, but it’s a start. The good news is that JuiceCaster’s Flutter is absolutely free, so feel free to try it out through the App Store.