Western Digital Bumps Notebooks to 500GB of Storage

Western Digital Bumps Notebooks to 500GB of Storage


Just because you’ve come to rely on a notebook as your primary computer does not mean that you have to sacrifice anything in terms of storage capacity for all your files. Western Digital has been a leader in the hard drive industry for a number of years and it’s keeping up that tradition with a family of 500GB hard drives designed for laptops.

The Scorpio Blue 500GB notebook hard drive boasts 8MB of cache, a 5400rpm spin speed, 12ms access time, and u to 3 gigabytes per second transfer speed over a SATA connection. If you’re the type that prefers an EIDE connection, there’s a version of the Western Digital Scorpio Blue that will do that too.

Given our focus on music, videos, and other heavy multimedia, it may be time to upgrade that paltry 80GB hard drive in your notebook to something a little more substantial. Look for this drive to sell for $220.