Using Your Bicycle to Power Your iPod

Using Your Bicycle to Power Your iPod


Although I lead a rather consumer-minded lifestyle, I am very much in favor of “green” technology. One of the newest ideas to emerge on the Internet is the OHM portable device charger. What makes it different is that it can be powered by, well, you.

No, it’s not one of those chargers that is based on you shaking it around in your pocket all day. Instead, the OHM portable device charger can be attached to your bicycle. As you rifle your way through town on your bike, the neodymium magnets attached to your back bike rim effectively collects power through electromagnetic induction. Oh, and there’s a dynamo under your seat.

I’m not sure how effective this model would be, but if you’re going to go for a bike ride anyhow, you might as well translate that hard work into a few extra hours of music out of your iPod.