The Skinny on the T-Mobile App Store

The Skinny on the T-Mobile App Store


iPhone owners have access to the Apple App Store and Android phone users will have access to the Android Marketplace. Following in this newfound tradition, we heard about the upcoming T-Mobile App Store and now some more details have been released.

While all iPhones run the same operating system, all Android phones use the same operating system, and so on, not all T-Mobile phones are using the exact same user interface or software. In this way, developing applications for the T-Mobile App Store is a little more complicated. Strangely, when the App Store launches, there will be no support for Android or Sidekick apps.

Among the other announcements are that the store will offer both free and paid apps, the revenue split starts at 50/50 but can shift to 70% for the developer, and there will be no API available in the beginning. This last point is particularly notable, because it means you won’t have any GPS-based apps, for example. The developer agreement goes live next week.