Thanko Totally Geeks Out a Pair of Sunglasses

Thanko Totally Geeks Out a Pair of Sunglasses


Generally speaking, sunglasses serve one of two primary functions. First, they are used as a fashion accessory, complementing your outfit for a day (or night) on the town. Second, they are used to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. While its arguable whether they apply to the first function, Thanko has apparently added yet another key function to sunglasses: multimedia entertainment.

The Thanko Media Player Sunglasses may not be a particularly good idea if you are actually mobile, but if you find a nice place to just chill, they can offer a good deal of entertainment. In addition to audio in the form of MP3 and WMA files (much like the Oakley Thump sunglasses), the Thanko pair can also handle video in the form of MP4, MPG, AVI, and ASF files. Users are given the experience of a 50-inch TV. Files are stored on a miniSD memory card.

Yes, you’ll look like a total dork with these wrapped around your head, but you won’t care. You’re too busy laughing to reruns of Battlestar Galactica. Peep the Thanko Media Player Sunglasses for $324.