Happy 50th Birthday, Dear Microchip

Happy 50th Birthday, Dear Microchip


If it wasn’t for the invention of the microchip, technology would be nowhere near where it is today. That single creation has sparked the invention of such items as rice cookers, mobile phones, and even our dear old computer. Surely, the microchip created 50 years ago looks a lot different than the ones that are in use today, but we’ve got to pay respect where respect is due.

It’s hard to believe, I know, but the microchip is officially celebrating its 50th birthday today. It may not look like any too special, but that microchip has surely shaped our lives. The first microchip was an integrated circuit comprised of a strip of germanium and one transistor. The other components were glued on the glass side.

Oh, and if you’re wondering who was the mastermind behind the creation, it was Jack Kilby, one of (at the time) newest employees at Texas Instruments. Thanks Jack. We appreciate it.