Sony’s Alarm Clock Has an iPod/iPhone Dock

Sony’s Alarm Clock Has an iPod/iPhone Dock


I don’t know about you, but hearing about an iPod dock made by Sony sounds almost like Toyota accessories made by Ford. Even so, that’s exactly what is happening today with the Sony ICF-CD3i. This remarkably attractive alarm clock actually comes with an integrated dock that will happily accept your iPod or iPhone.

As you can imagine, the dock can be used to charge your favorite Apple device, but the iPod can also serve as the source of music to be played through the speakers. And yes, iPhone music can be used as the alarm on the alarm clock as well. Beyond the somewhat confusing Apple love from Sony, the ICF-CD3i also has an integrated CD player, line-in, and radio functions.

Nothing is set in stone just yet from the guys at Sony, but word on the street has the Sony ICF-CD3i launching this October for $100 or so.

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