Secret Bluetooth Module Found Inside 2nd-Gen iPod Touch

Secret Bluetooth Module Found Inside 2nd-Gen iPod Touch


There are a few things that separate the iPod Touch from the iPhone 3G, but it seems that one of these differentiating factors has been thrown out the window. As it turns out, the updated iPod Touch 2G comes with full Bluetooth functionality. It may not have cellular, but it’s got Bluetooth.

This is a feature that has not been officially announced by Apple, but when a couple of enthusiasts decided to tear the second-generation iPod Touch apart, they discovered a chipset that supports Bluetooth 2.1+EDR. With that chipset in place, it wouldn’t much of a stretch for Apple to offer stereo Bluetooth A2DP for all your wireless music needs.

Unfortunately, the new integrated Nike+iPod kit also uses the 2.4GHz frequency, the same as Bluetooth. In this way, the “integrated Bluetooth” could really just be the integrated Nike+ functionality that Jobs was so happy about.