Peeved Over Genius Sidebar in iTunes 8

Peeved Over Genius Sidebar in iTunes 8


With Apple’s “Let’s Rock” event earlier this week, we were introduced to a number of new items, including the updated iTunes 8 software package. Some people are happy with some of the improvements, but it seems that not everything is peachy-keen in iTunes land.

As it turns out, when you upgrade to iTunes 8, you are also treated to a whole bunch of money-grabbing enthusiasm from Steve Jobs and Cupertino. You see, the Genius Sidebar is supposed to suggest songs that suit your musical preference, but the net result is essentially a whole lot of advertising. That’s because all of those suggested songs are displayed as “at least 23 one-click buy links.”

Apple calls it a “friendly recommendation”, but Matt Burns of Crunchgear calls it “impulsive music buying”. If you’re not a fan of this “friendly recommendation”, you can turn off the Genius sidebar.