BlackBerry 15 Across is New York Times Crossword

BlackBerry 15 Across is New York Times Crossword


What’s a nine-letter word for lexical distraction, starting with a C and with a W in the middle? Crossword, of course, and that’s exactly what is coming to the BlackBerry family of devices starting on October 2. If you find yourself in the middle of an incredibly boring board meeting, you will soon able to occupy yourself with the New York Times Crossword on your BlackBerry device.

The intersecting entries from the dictionary will be made available to all AT&T BlackBerry subscribers, allowing them access to a huge family of New York Times Crosswords. As you can imagine, this pleasant diversion comes at a price. You can opt to pay $7,99 to get 30 classic puzzles or you can go with the $2.99 monthly subscription that offers you daily puzzles and access to an archive of over 4,000 puzzles.

Canadians don’t get access to the NYT Crossword just yet, but the service will be expanded north of the border starting early next year.