Quite Possibly the Scariest USB Flash Drive Ever

Quite Possibly the Scariest USB Flash Drive Ever


We’ve seen USB flash drives of all shapes, colors, and sizes, but this latest creation has to be one of the creepiest-looking ones to date. That’s because it is fashioned to look like a severed finger, not unlike the ones that you’d find inside a Mafia movie or CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. I wonder what Grissom would think.

Appropriately dubbed the USB finger drive (this ain’t a thumb drive), this freaking-loking umber can be found on eBay. According to the product description “each finger is freshly cut and removed from the local morgue.” Do you really think it’s a real human finger? C’mon, it can’t be, right?

In terms of actual functionality, the USB severed finger drive contains just a single gig of storage capacity, but imagine the looks you’ll get around the office when it looks like you have a finger sticking out of your computer. It’s never too early for Halloween.