First Digital Picture Frame from Sony Ericsson

First Digital Picture Frame from Sony Ericsson


Much like the subnotebook market, it seems that everyone is offering something in the realm of digital picture frames these days and Sony Ericsson is no exception. Bringing those digital memories to your mantlepiece is the Sony Ericsson IDP-100, the first digital photo frame for the cellular phone company.

Getting those priceless memories onto the 7-inch color display is an absolute cinch, as Sony Ericsson offers you a virtual cornucopia of options. Take advantage of Bluetooth and beam the pic over from your (Sony Ericsson) mobile phone. Load up a USB flash drive and transfer the photos over that way. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the multi-card reader and stash pics using M2, microSD, SD, or MS Duo. The 128MB of internal memory will be able to store a few memories for you.

The Sony Ericsson IDP-100 also boasts Digital Image Correction for automatic color correction, tone enhancement, and edge enhancement. Look for it to launch in time for the holidays. No word on price.