HP Elitebook 6930p Pushes Limit with 24-Hour Battery Life

HP Elitebook 6930p Pushes Limit with 24-Hour Battery Life


You know, I’ve been pretty happy with my budget Dell notebook and its 9-cell battery, because I am able to surf the web and go about my business for a solid 6 or 7 hours before I need to reach for a wall outlet. The new HP Elitebook 6930p, on the other hand, can reportedly put all other notebooks to shame, because it can offer you up to 24 hours of battery on a single charge.

The base unit won’t be able to do that out of the box, but if you believe HP, the Elitebook 6930p can really push the power envelope. In order to take advantage of 24 hours of battery runtime, you’ll need to buy the Ultra Capacity battery, opt for the Intel 80GB SSD, nab the HP Illumi-Lite LED display, and go for Windows XP. The LED display adds up to four hours of battery, whereas the SSD gives a 7% improvement. Naturally, XP is much lighter than Vista too.

The lowest configuration of the HP Elitebook 6930p notebook starts at 4.7 grams and has a 14.1-inch widescreen display. The notebook has also been designed to withstand extreme temperatures, vibration, and humidity. No word on pricing.