Get Integrated 3G with Acer Aspire One (for a Price)

Get Integrated 3G with Acer Aspire One (for a Price)


You know how the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 reportedly comes with integrated 3G connectivity? Well, it’s not the only netbook to boast that functionality. The Acer Aspire One will reportedly let you surf the web via an integrated 3G connection as well, but this will come at a $95 premium over the regular Aspire One.

Reports say that Acer was planning for 3G connectivity all along and it’s just that they got around to doing it now. The upgraded Acer Aspire One netbook will go on sale this November in Taiwan, but there has been no indication as to when (and if) a 3G-equipped Acer Aspire One will make its way over to the United States and Canada.

If you happen to be over in Japan, you may have spotted this newspaper flyer that is advertising the Inspiron Mini 9 and HP Mini-Note 2133 for a discount when you sign a two-year 3G plan with Emobile. A similar offer may also be made on the Aspire One in the near future.