BlackBerry Bold Going CDMA for Telus in Canada?

BlackBerry Bold Going CDMA for Telus in Canada?


I’ll take this report with a huge helping of salt, but it seems that Research in Motion is showing a little love to its fellow Canadians by offering a CDMA version of the BlackBerry Bold. More specifically, the editors at have reportedly received inside word that a CDMA Bold is destined for the shelves of Telus Mobility.

Absolutely no details were released by this inside tipster, aside from saying that the BlackBerry Bold will be coming to Telus Mobility by the “end of the year.” Moreover, this same tipster is pointing toward an iDEN version of the BlackBerry Curve, also through the kindly folks at Telus Mobility. If this is indeed the case, then I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Sprint or Verizon try to get their hands on a Bold ‘Berry as well.

If the CDMA BlackBerry Bold rumors hold up to be true, Canadians will have an option other than Rogers Wireless when it comes to getting in on some Bold smartphone action. Maybe the price will be better than the $399.99 with contract that Rogers is demanding.