Japanese Movie Posters with Near Field Communication

Japanese Movie Posters with Near Field Communication


Having worked at a movie theatre at one point in my life, I can appreciate a good movie poster when I see one. That said, I have yet to encounter one that really speaks to me. Japan is about to change that.

No, I’m not talking about some sort of unique art style or a poster that lights up to grab your attention. Instead, Hitachi has teamed up with Gemalto, NTT Data, and Softbank to develop a “smart poster system” where the movie posters can actually communicate with nearby cell phones.

Making use of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, the posters just require users to stand near them and then the NFC tags can be used to transmit screenshots, trailers, and other content related to the movie. Naturally, the mobile phone has to be equipped with NFC tech too. The trial runs until October 31.