HP Reduces Individual Consumer Packaging by 97%

HP Reduces Individual Consumer Packaging by 97%


When trying to go green with our technology, we tend to get caught up in how to have more energy-efficient electronics and we ponder the effects of all that silicon in our landfills. While HP is certainly taking those two things into consideration as well, the company has make a monumental jump in minimizing the amount of packaging that accompanies its notebooks.

With most laptops, you get an individual box for each and every unit. Inside that box, you get an inordinate amount of styrofoam and other wasteful stuff. What HP has done instead is pack three notebooks into a single box, with each laptop individually bundled inside a padded messenger bag. The net result is a reduction in individual consumer packaging by 97%. Yes, 97%.

The end consumer may not get a conventional box, but accepting your new HP notebook in a nice messenger bag is just as good. It just happens to be way better for the environment.