Verizon Wireless Has the Knack from Samsung

Verizon Wireless Has the Knack from Samsung


Not to be confused with a 70s rock band or a Dilbert episode, it seems that Verizon Wireless is getting its hands on an ergonomic flip phone. The Samsung Knack has officially been announced for Verizon. Despite a fascinating name, the Knack doesn’t come with a fascinating set of features.

The user interface has been “simplified” and the large keypad offers “distinctive tactile contrast”. This is supposed to make the Knack a little easier to use, I suppose. Other features include advanced speech recognition, hearing aid compatibility, polyphonic ringtones, any key answer, personal organizer, and quick access to emergency 911.

The Samsung Knack is available right now if you hop onto the Verizon online store or if you call 1-800-2-JOIN-IN. For those of you who prefer an in-store purchase, you’ll have to wait until October 14. Price is $39.99 with a two-year contract.