BlackBerry Bold Get Bolder With Colorware Treatment

BlackBerry Bold Get Bolder With Colorware Treatment


Many people are saying that the BlackBerry Bold is the absolute best BlackBerry handheld produced to date, but not everyone is a fan of that leather back. I know that I’m not. If you’d prefer a slightly different look for your hot new BlackBerry Bold, you can now turn your attention to the crazy crew at Colorware.

Yup, the guys who are already known for taking their dramatic painting process to such devices as the Apple iPhone and Nintendo DS Lite are doing the same thing to the new BlackBerry Bold. Colorware is no stranger to the BlackBerry, so it was only a matter of time before the Bold entered the eye-catching fray as well.

Customizing the back plate, the largest piece, will run you $129. Smaller parts, like customizing the bottom, frame, and camera, each cost $15. More details can be found on the Colorware website.