Apple and AT&T Knowingly Sold Too Many iPhone 3Gs

Apple and AT&T Knowingly Sold Too Many iPhone 3Gs


Apple is no stranger to the lawsuit front, having already encountered troubles over the iPhone name with Cisco, for example. However, this has to be one of the most interesting lawsuits that we have seen in quite some time.

William Gillis is an AT&T customer who is very unhappy with the performance on his iPhone 3G. Rather than sue AT&T and Apple for providing less than stellar service, the lawsuit that Gillis is launching charges the two companies with consciously overselling the iPhone 3G to the public, overwhelming the system, and, as a result, making for some severe underperformance.

In his 18-page filing, Gillis points out the 3G tower power issue that recently leaked to the public in which an AT&T worker disclosed that current sub-par connections are caused by iPhones sucking too much power for AT&T transmitters to maintain proper 3G signals. Given this knowledge, Gillis feels the iPhone was clearly sold past network capacity creating problems that cascaded to every AT&T 3G users.

If Gillis wins his case, then every California AT&T subscriber could receive a portion of the compensation. Are you suffering from poor 3G performance? You may want to look up the number of William Gillis.