UK Getting Three Different MSI Wind Models


    Around these parts, you can only get your hands on the MSI Wind with a 10-inch display. Such does not appear to be the case for the people of jolly ol’ England, because MSI is introducing no fewer than three different models to satisfy all their netbook needs.

    Perhaps the most notable of the three is the MSI Wind U90X-007UK. Don’t let that “007” in its name fool you, because there is no official James Bond connection to this particular notebook. Instead, it’s the version that is equipped with an 8.9-inch screen instead of the ten-inch. It should be the same overall size, however, seeing how there’s a black border around the display. Other features include an 80GB hard drive, SUSE Linux, and a 269 GBP price tag.

    The other two models are the “black version” with a 120GB hard drive and a 329 GBP asking price, and the MSI Wind U100-054K, which is your standard Wind but in pink. It will retail for 319 GBP.