Samsung Litmus, Diamond MP3 Players Keep It Stylish

Samsung Litmus, Diamond MP3 Players Keep It Stylish


I’ve been watching the US Open this past weekend and I’ve noticed that there is one commercial that keeps coming up, capped with the statement “Korea Sparking”. I guess it’s an ad for Korean tourism, but the idea of a “sparkling” Korea is perhaps best exemplified by its technology. Samsung is keeping up with its own “sparkling” and stylish personality with the introduction of the Samsung YP-U4 Litmus and the YP-Q1 Diamond MP3 players.

I talked about the Samsung YP-Q1 yesterday, but I didn’t know at the time that it also held the name of Diamond. The other player, the YP-U4, is being called the Litmus and it is the one that is shown in the picture provided. I guess the color gradient is meant to be reminiscent of a piece of litmus paper. Or maybe this MP3 player is the “test” by which all other players should be judged.

Key features include DNSe 2.0 sound system, a variety of format supports, and 16 hours of music playback time on a single charge. Look for the 2GB and 4GB Litmus in your choice of rose, purple, or blue.