PSP Getting a Wi-Fi Store Very Soon


    You know how you can log into the PlayStation Network using your PS3, downloading demos, TV shows, and movies at will? Soon, the same functionality will be coming directly to your PlayStation Portable.

    The PSP is equipped with its own Wi-Fi radio, as you may already know, so there’s no reason why it has to do its downloading via a PS3 or PC. As such, Sony has announced that a PSP Wi-Fi Store is in the works and it could become available, alongside a firmware update, some time this fall. Go ahead and download those vids directly to your PSP!

    Interestingly, the firmware update may also bring another nifty feature. The supported infrastructure mode will allow for ad hoc PSP online gaming through the PS3, using the latter as a dedicated mulitplayer server. You might even get voice and text chat.