Nintendo DS Lite Gets Offered in Gloss Silver

Nintendo DS Lite Gets Offered in Gloss Silver


I’ve been loyal to Nintendo for as long as I can remember, but this ongoing onslaught of new colors for the Nintendo DS Lite is really starting to get on my nerves. When the DS Lite was first introduced to the world, we only got the Polar White version around these parts. That has changed dramatically.

In addition to pink, black, blue, black/red, and black/blue, the Nintendo DS Lite can soon be available for purchase in a metallic silver color known as Gloss Silver. That’s right, it’s going back to the “original” color of the Nintendo DS Phat. Aside from the slightly retro-minded palette swap, the silver DS Lite is just like the rest of its colorful brethren.

Enough already, Nintendo. I don’t want more colors. I want the next-gen DS Lite.