Griffin Technology Doubles Your Vegas Entertainment

Griffin Technology Doubles Your Vegas Entertainment


Las Vegas is the kind of town that I can visit on an annual basis without ever getting bored. Bringing a little bit of Vegas to your pocket is the latest iPhone and iPod touch application from Griffin Technology. Dubbed Double Bonus Slots, this game is basically a handheld version of the popular one-armed bandit.

Are you feeling lucky? With Double Bonus Slots, you can a similar kind of experience as Lucky 7 Slots, also from Griffin, but this one brings “more action, more sound, bigger bets and bigger payouts.” Bear in mind that these payouts are virtual and won’t exactly help you with your car payments. At the same time, you won’t go broke playing this either.

Double Bonus Slots is available now for $1.99 (or about the same price as a footlong hot dog on the Las Vegas Strip).