Pine Drive GT: Not What You Think

Pine Drive GT: Not What You Think


Normally, when you hear of a device that is called a “Drive” of some kind, you assume that it is some sort of data storage solution. Such is not the case with the Pine Drive GT from the folks at Pine Digital. No, it’s not a hard drive or a thumb drive. Instead, Pine Digital of Korea has created a strangely-named GPS navigation device for you.

The Pine Drive GT combines the utility of a turn-by-turn GPS navigator with a personal media player. (Did you expect anything different from a Korean company?) The 800×480 screen is perfect for showing off all your video content, as well as providing you with maps and directions. And yes, it does music playback too.

Key features include the 30GB hard drive, live traffic information, DM6446 chipset, and Microsoft Office document support. Look for the Pine Drive GT in Korea for 499,000 KRW ($450).