Apple App Store, Android Market, and Now Microsoft Skymarket

Apple App Store, Android Market, and Now Microsoft Skymarket


Perhaps even more exciting than the launch of the iPhone 3G was the launch of the Apple App Store. The Google crew followed suit with the announcement of Android Market, and now it seems that Microsoft wants a piece of the mobile app pie as well. Microsoft has been known for developing software for many years, so it only makes sense that the Redmond, Washington-based company wants to make a market for Windows Mobile devices as well.

Up until now, Windows Mobile applications have been largely scattered all across the web, forcing users to hunt down the programs that they need. By offering these apps all in one convenient location, not unlike the App Store or Android Market, Microsoft can make things a lot easier for everyone. As such, we’re hearing that they are creating something called Skymarket.

Instead of getting you to go through a desktop-based iTunes-like environment, Microsoft Skymarket sounds like it is going to be “an on-device marketplace where users can browse, purchase and download applications and games over the air.”