Mobile Game Featuring Kenny vs. Spenny On The Way

Mobile Game Featuring Kenny vs. Spenny On The Way


Although I spend the vast majority of my waking hours online, I still enjoy watching a fair bit of television. One of my favorite shows has got to be Kenny vs. Spenny, so the announcement of a Kenny vs. Spenny mobile game comes with some mixed emotions.

You see, it would be pretty awesome to enjoy Kenny vs. Spenny on the go, as they challenge one another to such contests as staying tied to a goat or producing an effective viral video. On the other hand, the mobile game environment may not be able to effectively portray the antics of this quasi-famous duo.

There are three mini-competitions included in the mobile game, which will launch in October through Bell and Telus. They are Rat Race, where you steer a rat clear of obstacles; Ball Breakers, where you wail on your opponent’s family jewels; and Octopus, where you try to avoid falling smiles.