New Wi-Fi Digital Picture Frames from Samsung

New Wi-Fi Digital Picture Frames from Samsung


Actually printing out your photographs are so last century. These days, it’s all about digital and that’s why digital picture frames are getting so popular. Samsung is taking the digital photo frame a half step further by tossing in some great Wi-Fi connectivity. Upload your pictures without having to deal with messy cables!

Yes, there are already Wi-Fi digital photo frames out there already, but it’s good to see that Samsung is joining the fray as well. The sizes of these new items range from 8-inches to 10-inches, boasting resolutions of between 800×600 and 1024×768. These frames can also be used to pick up RSS feeds and images from the Fame Channel on Windows Live Spaces.

The $130 SPF-85H and $200 SPF-105P get 64MB of internal memory, whereas the $200 SPF-85V and $290 SPF-105V get one gig each.