NEC Touchscreen PC is Powered by Intel Atom

NEC Touchscreen PC is Powered by Intel Atom


Atom isn’t just for subnotebooks, you know. NEC is expanding the utility of Intel’s tiny processor by implementing it in a touchscreen PC. Not exactly the same as a Tablet PC or a MID, per se, the NEC touchscreen PC is like a laptop without the keyboard… and the display is a touchscreen, of course.

Both the 12-inch and 15-inch models will be powered by the Intel Atom processor and they will run on Windows Vista Business Embedded. You can choose between 512MB or 1GB of RAM and that’ll get backed up by an 80GB hard drive.

No word on pricing or availability, but it seems that NEC isn’t catering this product to the consumer market anyhow. It’s better suited to the corporate and hospital setting.