iPhone Tethering Plan Coming to AT&T?

iPhone Tethering Plan Coming to AT&T?


I’ll take this report with a huge bucket of salt, but it seems that Steve Jobs and crew are working on a deal with AT&T that would finally allow for legitimate tethering on the iPhone 3G.

Yes, I know that you can convert your iPhone 3G into a Wi-Fi hotspot using NetShare, but that application has long since been pulled (and returned then pulled again) from the Apple App Store. People still want a way to use their iPhones as modems though. The alternative is a jailbroken iPhone with homebrew software.

Naturally, if AT&T and Apple can come to terms with a tethering plan, it will come at a premium over the regular $30 iPhone 3G data plan, just like how AT&T does with their BlackBerry devices.