6GB for $30 Data Plan from Rogers Ends Sunday

6GB for $30 Data Plan from Rogers Ends Sunday


After all sorts of bad press over the less than stellar iPhone 3G plans, Rogers buckled down and came up with the 6GB for $30 3G smartphone data plan. This applied not only to the iPhone 3G, but to all 3G smartphones. Some people are even saying that you can use it as vanilla data however you like.

Well, all good things have to come to an end and that’s what is happening with the $30/month for 6GB data plan from Rogers Wireless. We knew when they announced it that the promotional plan would get pulled on August 31st and that date is creeping up on his awfully quickly. If you want to get in on the 6 gigs of 3G goodness, you have until Sunday to do so.

What will Rogers (and Fido) do after August 31st? We’re not sure. If they don’t come up with something else, new subscribers will have to choose between the $60/400MB, $75/750MB, $100/1GB, or $115/2GB iPhone 3G voice and data packages.

UPDATE: According to iPhoneinCanada.ca, the 6GB/$30 offer has been extended to the end of September. Rogers is also offering a 500MB/$25 plan as well. So, five bucks gets you an extra 5.5GB? Good pricing there, Rogers.