Palm Treo Pro Smartphone Dubbed Best Palm Hardware to Date

Palm Treo Pro Smartphone Dubbed Best Palm Hardware to Date


Palm has been around the block more than a few times, having already introduced us to the PDA form factor with those ancient Palm Pilots. In recent years, Palm hasn’t enjoyed the same level of success, but it seems like they’re turning things around with the simply stellar Palm Treo Pro. In fact, the reviewers at Gizmodo say that it’s the best Palm to date.

As you recall, key features on this HTC-sourced and Windows Mobile 6.1-powered handset include North America-friendly 3G, touchscreen display, and full QWERTY keyboard. It also happens to be the best looking Palm phone in years. It’s “visually appealing” and the Centro-esque keyboard “gives it a look that is appealing and eye-catching without being gaudy.”

If you’re looking for a Windows Mobile phone, I’d strongly consider the Treo Pro, as it has a good balance of design, features and performance for the user. And even if you’re not looking for a WinMo phone, it just might tickle your fancy enough to have one around.

Sounds like a very solid (and good-looking device). The Palm Treo Pro is available unlocked and unbranded for $549.