No More Unlimited Data Plan from Telus

No More Unlimited Data Plan from Telus


From what I can gather, smartphone users can still take advantage of their unlimited web, email, and IM capabilities, but those of you using PC cards for surfing on a laptop, Telus has just pulled the rug out from under you.

Up until now, Telus customers have been able to pay $75 a month to get unlimited wireless data to use as largely as they see fit. After noticing that too many customers were excessively streaming media, using VoIP, and other data-heavy applications, Telus has decided to remove the unlimited option.

All the customers who had previously been doing the $75 for an “unlimited” data plan have now been pushed over to a $65 plan that gets then just 1GB. This include customers on contract, as Telus points to its Terms of Service:

”You will use the service for customary voice, messaging and wireless Internet data purposes only. You will not use the service for: multi-media streaming; voice over Internet protocol; or any other application which uses excessive network capacity or may otherwise adversely impact other users, that is not made available to you by TELUS. You will not resell the service to any other person. You will not abuse any flat rate or unlimited use service plan offered by TELUS.

Sketchy stuff. You’d better start watching that bandwidth, because the overage charges would be… not pleasant.