New International Data Plans for AT&T iPhone 3G

New International Data Plans for AT&T iPhone 3G


With the arrival of the iPhone 3G in Canada and the United States, people questioned how much the data would cost. In Canada, Rogers pull out the six gigabytes for $30/month deal at the last possible moment, whereas folks in the States can surf all they want for the same $30 a month. What happens when you cross a border, though?

That unlimited data through the AT&T iPhone sounds all well and good while you stay within the United States, but as soon as you go outside the country, you can prepare to get gouged. Previously, AT&T only offered two data roaming plans — $24.99 for 20MB or $59.99 for 50MB — so now they’re expanding the lineup.

The new plans aren’t exactly any cheaper, per se, but they do offer a little more international data for globe-trotting iPhone owners. You can get 100MB for $120 or 200MB for $200. Still very expensive, don’t you think?